Reliable fire alarm installation service

Fire alarms need to be installed and checked in every property (both commercial and domestic) It is legally required as a property owner or landlord to ensure that fully functional alarms are fitted in various rooms.

We recognise the importance of fire safety. Our electricians will consider your property type as well as many other factors before recommending the best fire alarm system for you. Occupants need to be warned of a fire issue early. We will spend time looking into a building before shortlisting installation options.
Considering parts of the premises that need to be covered, multi-occupant and the number of ‘Break Glass’ call points.

There are several different types of fire alarms that we can install, the main three being the following:

Three main fire alarms we install.

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Conventional System

Suited to environments with a low risk of a fire. Conventional systems are wired to the main control panel, which separates detectors by zone. They are unable to identify the precise area of the fire.

Addressable Systems

The same concepts as a conventional system, but able to tell you the exact location of the problem. Each device has its own electronic device, making it ideal for higher risk buildings.

Wireless Systems

An effective alternative to traditional wired alarm systems, making them ideal for buildings that want to avoid lots of cables. The fire alarm panel is triggered using sensors.